At the facility, we accept various contracts so that you can experience the traditions and culture of Hagi city.

『Pottery school』(Paid)
Experience potter’s wheel Yen4,000
Painting of pottery  yen950
Pottery of hand binding  yen1,700
Sensyunraku Jousan TEL0838-25-1666 (Reservation required)

『Rental Kimono』(paid)
yen4000-yen6000 (Japanese Tabi is buy)
Wearing all day 9::00-16:00
caution:Reservation required

『Guide in English』(paid)
Invete of Hagiyaki fator,Pottery school,City tour,World Heritage tour,A tour to learn the history of Hagi city
【Tour guide fee】

Only one group 『Up to 3persons』 10:00 〜 16:00
6hours (Excludes lunchtime)
1hour yen1,500*5 fuel cost yen1000=yen8,500

※1hour yen1,500 
※Time adjustable
※Available for Japanese
caution:Please contact early

『Course to enjoy Japanese cultuer』 (paid)
Japanese flower arrangement,Japanese penmanship,Tour of Tatami mat exchabge
caution:Please contact early

【Contact us】  090-4140-9904 (Furuya)
【Mail address】 (Here for English speakers)

Respond to requests as much as possible! I will be waiting to hear from you.

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