House rules

House Rules

【Check In】
3: 00 PM
【Check Out】
10: 30 AM
【when you leave the inn, please.】
Please leave the room after lights-out and locking.
[Entrance] Please take off your shoes at the entrance. You can use the shoe box on the second floor.
[No Smoking] Don’t smoke inside. If you are caught, there will be a cleaning fee.
[Noise] Parties are OK, but please control the noise level.
[Toilet] Please don’t flush anything other than toilet paper.
[Kitchen] You can use the kitchen. Please clean after use. Please separate and throw away trash.
[Laundromat] You can use the washing machine but please note there is no dryer.
The nearest laundromat is in the parking lot of “Sunlive”.
[Electronics] Don’t forget to turn the lights off.
[Cancellation Fee] If the guest violates the accommodation contract the following penalties shall be incurred based on our cancellation policy:
-Cancellation seven days before check in: 0% of accommodation rate.
-Cancellation between 6 and 4 days before check in: 50% of accommodation rate.
-Cancellation three days before check in: 100% of accommodation rate.
[Early Check In] We will keep your baggage at the Meirin Gakusha before you check in (9:00-14:30)
[Late Check Out] We will hold your luggage after check out at your request.
[Bed Making] Please make your own bed when you stay two or more nights.
[Pets] Pets are prohibited.
*We are not liable for personal injuries.
*Do not damage or remove items belonging to the property.
*We are not liable for damage or loss of personal property.
*Please contact us if you need anything using the contact information below.
Phone number: 090-4140-9904 (Ms Furuya, guesthouse owner) / Snack Bar Rei: 0838-25-1554>

Hagi Guesthouse RABBIT, 24-3 Higashitamachi, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture